IHH carries on help to Albania

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered winter clothes to Albania, the poorest country in Europe. It also organized circumcision of 137 children of needy Muslim families in Koplik.

IHH carries on help to Albania

30.01.2012 - IHH carries on help to Albania

IHH, which carries out humanitarian relief activities in impoverished regions around the worldwide, delivered humanitarian assistance to poor areas of Albania. Aid teams of the foundation visited northern parts of the country and delivered help to families fighting against extreme winter conditions.

In northern town of Puke, the teams gave poor families, most of them families with orphan children, 250 blankets, 150 child coats and 150 child boots, and distributed in Bustrice, Kukes 250 blankets, 150 child coat and 150 child boots. The foundation also held a circumcision ceremony for 137 children in Koplik.

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